Dolph Lundgren and Jamie Hill

It was a great day for tall talent! Dolph Lundgren working with Robb Holt in Studio B:

Dolph Lundgren and Robb Holt

And Jamie Hill working with Abe Gomez in Studio A:

Jamie Hill and Abe Gomez

Jamie and Dolph stand about 12′ 8″ between the two of them! And their collective talent is immeasurable.

Dolph Lundgren:

Jamie Hill:

Thanks to Dwight Hicks and The Faithful

Abe 49ers Shirt

We really enjoyed working with Dwight Hicks and 49ers Studios for their upcoming series The Faithful. Check out the trailer here and listen for Dwight’s amazing VO, recorded by Abe at Bell Sound Studios. (And thanks to 49ers Studios for the sweet gear!)

Dwight Hicks in Studio A

Dwight Hicks:

49ers Studios:


VO Who’s Who

It’s a stellar who’s who of voice-over talent in the Bell Sound lobby this morning! David Shatraw, Mitch Urban, Josh Casaubon, and Eduardo Garcia are all here, recording for a wide variety of products ranging from acne wash to rugged vehicles.

David Shatraw:
Mitch Urban:
Josh Casaubon:
Eduardo Garcia:

Neon Productions with Ashley Jensen

Ashley and Frankie

Ashley Jensen came in to Bell Sound this morning… and she brought little Frankie with her! What a treat.

Ashley was recording voice-over for Neon Productions’ upcoming series on Arts & Culture for BBC Radio Scotland. It sounds like a great series.

Each program features a creative individual, they may be an artist, musician, author, filmmaker, architect, poet, etc.… the possibilities are endless. During the show that featured artist highlights several other creative individuals, some who work within the same discipline and others who operate in a completely unrelated trade. There is one commonality: every artist reigns from Scotland.

Ashley Jensen:
Neon Productions:
BBC Radio Scotland:

Shia LaBeouf and Jim Gaffigan

A very fun last-minute booking came into Bell Sound today. We got a call do to a Source-Connect session, knowing only that the director and producer would be here at 3pm and the talent would be in New York.

Turns out that Shia LaBeouf was the director, and Jim Gaffigan was the talent in New York! LaBeouf is submitting a short movie starring Gaffigan to Cannes Film Festival, and they needed to record some wild lines, voice-over, and ADR. It was so much fun to be part of that stellar collaboration!

This session also gave us a chance to heavily test our new upgrade to Source-Connect 3.6 in Studio D. It worked fantastically!

Shia LaBeouf:
Jim Gaffigan:
Cannes Film Festival: