Back in Action with Johnny Yong Bosch, Mark Risley, and Joey D’Auria

Johnny Yong Bosch Mark Risley and Joey D'Auria

It was great having Johnny Yong Bosch, Mark Risley, and Joey D’Auria back in the studio!

Johnny Yong Bosch:

Mark Risley:

Joey D’Auria:

Dolph Lundgren and Jamie Hill

It was a great day for tall talent! Dolph Lundgren working with Robb Holt in Studio B:

Dolph Lundgren and Robb Holt

And Jamie Hill working with Abe Gomez in Studio A:

Jamie Hill and Abe Gomez

Jamie and Dolph stand about 12′ 8″ between the two of them! And their collective talent is immeasurable.

Dolph Lundgren:

Jamie Hill:

Sympathy For The Devil Extended Version

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! Last week the composer Robert Lydecker sent us an extended version of his “Sympathy For The Devil” instrumental, featuring Tina Guo on cello and recorded by Marilyn Morris in Studio A. It rocks!

Robert Lydecker:

Tina Guo:

Sympathy for the Devil – Sleepy Hollow S02E17

The Village of Sleepy Hollow-Bell Sound

The orchestral version of “Sympathy for the Devil” from the penultimate episode of Sleepy Hollow’s second season received a few media shout-outs this week! Hillary Busis from Entertainment Weekly said, “That all-strings version of “Sympathy for the Devil” was to die for.” And Kaitlin Thomas of noted “There was also a nice instrumental rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil,” the song that also appeared in the pilot.”

Emmy-nominated composer Robert Lydecker orchestrated the piece, Tina Guo played the rocking cello parts, and it was recorded by Marilyn in Studio A. Article:

Entertainment Weekly Article:

Robert Lydecker:

Tina Guo:

Sleepy Hollow:

Cello Recording Session for Sleepy Hollow

Tina Bob and Marilyn

The Emmy-nominated composer Robert Lydecker and the talented cellist Tina Guo were in Studio A with Marilyn today recording score for Sleepy Hollow. Catch our awesome version of “Sympathy for the Devil” in the penultimate episode of this season, which airs on February 16th on Fox.

Tina Guo Cello in Studio A

Robert Lydecker:

Tina Guo:

Sleepy Hollow:

“Don Ramones” in AdJam 2014

Bell Sound is happy to announce that “Don Ramones” is a finalist for AdJam 2014! AdJam is a battle of the bands exclusively for Ad Agencies, and our friends at Acento Advertising, Armando Pizarro, Ray Ortiz, and Gustavo Garcia, teamed up with Bell Sound’s engineer Abe Gomez to form “Don Ramones” – the most amazing band in the galaxy!

Their song “Esa Noche” is recorded live and mixed in Studio A. Like their video on YouTube to vote and show your support!

AdJam 2014:

Acento Advertising: