Prank You

Prank You

We just wrapped a great green screen shoot in Studio A! We were recording pick-up shots for a funny clip-based show called Prank You. Think America’s Funniest Home Videos or Tosh.0 with a host who focuses solely on prank-themed videos.

Prank You is hosted by the hilarious Jack Vale (proud inventor of The Pooter™) and produced by Rob Anderson and the team who brought you Money from Strangers. The crew was great and easy-going; it was a fun set with plenty of jokes being tossed around. Hearing Jack’s in-between-prank commentary made me excited to watch the clips!

It was also really fun to trick out Studio A and convert it into a green screen stage. Worked like a charm.

Prank You ShootPrank You Green Screen

Jack Vale:
The Pooter™:
Rob Anderson:
Money from Strangers: