Eduardo Garcia – Bell Sound Uniform 2

Eduardo Garcia Bell Sound Uniform 2

Eduardo Garcia came to Bell Sound today to record narration for Eric Garcetti’s mayoral campaign, and look what he’s wearing! His second Bell Sound Uniform this week. Keep up the good work Eduardo!

Eduardo Garcia:
Eric Garcetti:

Eduardo Garcia – Bell Sound Uniform 1

Eduardo No Country Bell Sound Uniform

This marks our inaugural “Bell Sound Uniform” post! We want to highlight all the amazing talent who wear the official Bell Sound shirt to their sessions, and Eduardo Garcia is like no other. We have only witnessed him wearing one other shirt, featuring Che Guevara. Here he reinacts a crucial moment from his role in No Country for Old Men, “agua!” More installments to follow…

Eduardo Garcia No Country for Old Men

Eduardo Garcia:
No Country for Old Men:

VO Who’s Who

It’s a stellar who’s who of voice-over talent in the Bell Sound lobby this morning! David Shatraw, Mitch Urban, Josh Casaubon, and Eduardo Garcia are all here, recording for a wide variety of products ranging from acne wash to rugged vehicles.

David Shatraw:
Mitch Urban:
Josh Casaubon:
Eduardo Garcia: