Strong Love Score with Jim Miller

Strong Love Score with Jim Miller

Marilyn had an amazing scoring session with James Miller and John Sandel yesterday. James (from the LA Philharmonic) was playing the grand piano for John’s short film Strong Love. Catch a screening at 8pm on June 27th as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival/WMMFest.

James Miller:

John Sandel:

Strong Love Screening:

Thanks to Dwight Hicks and The Faithful

Abe 49ers Shirt

We really enjoyed working with Dwight Hicks and 49ers Studios for their upcoming series The Faithful. Check out the trailer here and listen for Dwight’s amazing VO, recorded by Abe at Bell Sound Studios. (And thanks to 49ers Studios for the sweet gear!)

Dwight Hicks in Studio A

Dwight Hicks:

49ers Studios: