Sonic Scoop: “Bell Sound – A Legacy of Looking Ahead”

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Eleanor Goldfield Swede is a talented singer, songwriter, journalist, and former Bell Sound employee who freelances for Sonic Scoop. She drafted this fantastic article about Bell Sound entitled “Bell Sound – A Legacy of Looking Ahead”

Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Grayson Matthews Bell Sound Uniforms

Grayson Matthews Bell Sound Uniforms

Thanks to the lovely Heather Fox and Angela Georgiou Filippi from Grayson Matthews for sending us this picture with their Bell Sound uniforms. Stephen Stepanic took a different approach to the photo…

Stephen Stepanic Bell Sound Uniform

And he helped us learn a new word! “Hoser” is Canadian slang for “goofball” :)

Grayson Matthews:

Welcome Abe Gomez!

Abe Gomez

Abe Gomez is the newest addition to the Bell Sound crew! Abe is an awesome engineer from Guadalajara, Mexico who experienced the Liverpool recording scene before moving to Los Angeles. Abe has great experience producing Hispanic commercials from start to finish including scheduling, casting, recording, sound design, mixing, mastering, and delivery. He has a passion for music and would love to chat about golf the next time you visit Bell Sound.