Remote Controls

Remote Controls

John brought two remote controls to Bell Sound today in hopes that one would have the same radio frequency as Keefe’s chopper. It sounds like John used to have a couple remote-controlled helicopters of his own… and he didn’t have trouble keeping the remotes intact, at least.

One of the remotes wouldn’t turn on due to oxidation on the battery terminal. But the other remote looked promising. The remote lit up when turned on, it was made by the same manufacturer as our chopper, and it utilized infrared technology.

After a couple not-so-promising tries, we determined that this remote control was not going to fly the chopper. Unfortunately we don’t have a super sweet remote controlled helicopter at Bell Sound… yet.

Helicopter for Keith

Helicopter Box

We were already laughing when Keefe received a mysterious package this afternoon. “Keith!” the package exclaimed, “Open now for a private screening of digital media and entertainment superstars. Plus your own chopper.”

His own chopper?? Keefe’s eyes were glowing like a kid whose mom promised him anything in the candy store. Everyone was excited when he opened the remote-control chopper. It looked super sweet: The Vortex. With built-in gyro stabilization! Two modes for land and sky! For ages 8 and up? No problem.

Imagine our disappointment when Keefe noticed the open-box-special… No remote control! What good is a remote-controlled chopper with no remote?

Looks like we forgot to read the fine print: “Look inside to learn how to schedule a meeting and get the remote control for your new helicopter!” Aw man…

Super Sweet HelicopterOpen Box SpecialHelicopter Fine Print

Prank You

Prank You

We just wrapped a great green screen shoot in Studio A! We were recording pick-up shots for a funny clip-based show called Prank You. Think America’s Funniest Home Videos or Tosh.0 with a host who focuses solely on prank-themed videos.

Prank You is hosted by the hilarious Jack Vale (proud inventor of The Pooter™) and produced by Rob Anderson and the team who brought you Money from Strangers. The crew was great and easy-going; it was a fun set with plenty of jokes being tossed around. Hearing Jack’s in-between-prank commentary made me excited to watch the clips!

It was also really fun to trick out Studio A and convert it into a green screen stage. Worked like a charm.

Prank You ShootPrank You Green Screen

Jack Vale:
The Pooter™:
Rob Anderson:
Money from Strangers:

VO Who’s Who

It’s a stellar who’s who of voice-over talent in the Bell Sound lobby this morning! David Shatraw, Mitch Urban, Josh Casaubon, and Eduardo Garcia are all here, recording for a wide variety of products ranging from acne wash to rugged vehicles.

David Shatraw:
Mitch Urban:
Josh Casaubon:
Eduardo Garcia: